C. Job Cards

Chore Charts

Print out on card stock or Avery Business card stock #8371

The “JOB CARD” deck consists of eight (8) pages of cards … 10 cards up on a page … totaling 80 “Job Cards.”

We suggest printing the “JOB CARDS” out on a heavier card stock and then cutting out the cards with a scissors or … you can print the pages directly onto Avery Business Card stock # 8371, for easy separation and card stock weight all in one.

The object is to have a Chore Chart & Rewards established first … then …

  1. Select the “JOB CARDS” for the week.
  2. Drop them in the Job Jar.
  3. Take turns drawing cards from the jar.
  4. Note the job(s) and their value on the Chore Chart
  5. Do the work.
  6. Check it off.
  7. Add it up.
  8. Reward.
  9. Repeat.
  10. Give it 21 days.

 Don’t want to print it all out yourself? Click here for the whole kit and kaboodle from our Etsy shop.

job jar

Click on image to see Job Cards & their point values.