A Simple Solution

Job Jar

Quite Simply the Easiest Way to Get Things Done!

The “Job Jar” was created after taking note of the household chores that I was conquering by my own working mother self.

It’s shocking when you physically write down all of the jobs that it takes to run a household … but you don’t have to, I already did.

Then there were those petty and annoying sibling arguments that drove me up the wall.

Sick of yelling people!

The kids were 5, 11 and husband, when I created the “Job Jar” household chore system and resolution center.

The “Job Jar” has been used as curriculum for college level child development courses and corporate Organizational Effectiveness Training seminars and can be adapted from toddler to adult.

This simple little system works … SIMPLE being the operative word.

* Everyone gets a weekly Chore Chart stating daily jobs.
• Establish a reward system based on points.
* Select Job Cards for the week and place into a Job Jar.
* Everyone takes a turn picking Job Cards (within reason) until no jobs remain.
* Job Card selections are added to the respective Chore Charts.
* Check off chores as they are completed.
* Add up totals at the end of the week.
* Award rewards based on your value system and point totals.

Did you know that it only takes 21 days for something to become a habit?

It’s true!

To keep matters SIMPLE … just print out the Chore Chart and use it in your home each week and I know you’ll be amazed at the results. Really!

Rewarding behavior, while teaching the habit of becoming responsible, is the second most important part of this learning process.

The first is remembering that no one cleans like you do! Lighten up and see the good in the work.

Keep it simple, consistent and FUN!

Chore Charts

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones


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