Playing it Safe

internet safety

Warning: the Internet may contain traces of nuts. ~Author Unknown

If teaching our kids to talk, eat, sleep, dress, play, potty, clean, love, get along, listen and learn wasn’t enough … parents of this age have to deal with the enormous challenge of keeping their kids safe from world-wide evil doers.

Cue the internet.

Sorry … but the evil doers statement is one of those things, about President George Bush, Jr., that I can’t shake … it sums it up so well!

But with the bad always comes the good and these Internet Safety resources are GOOD!

Safely Ever After, Inc. provides effective, non-fearful safety workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches at schools, community organizations, churches, and corporations throughout the United States. Plus … you’ll find some FREE PDF’s on the site that are very helpful.

The Web Wise Kids mission is to teach kids, parents and the community the value of making safe and wise choices in a technologically evolving world. We do this by creating and distributing interactive content through the same media in which kids and adults live their lives.

No matter where you go … there you are … so go to one or all of these Internet Safety places and you’ll be prepared, should the evil doers find you or your precious children.

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