Get the Party Started

vintage birthday party

So you say it's your birthday ...

Kid’s birthday parties are so much more creative, than years past.

I remember my dad always making sure that I had my favorite carousel birthday cake.

Mom must have been the one behind the packet of balloons that she would blow up, tie and rub on my brother’s head, so that she could attach them to the wall.

Throw in a few party people, Pin-the-Tail on something, ice cream and we were good to go.

Now, I get the honor of watching my kids have birthday parties for their kids and while some of the birthday party themes are very similar to my memory, others are off the grid.

So, in the true spirit of partying, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the cool kids birthday party ideas that I stumbled across.

Naturally, my personal favorite is having a Mosaic Tile Party for kids … ages 6 & up. You can read about how-to DIY here. 

Then there’s Martha and her perfectly perfect Kids Birthday Party ideas.

and if that wasn’t inspirational enough …

If you still can’t think of a creative kid’s birthday party, after visiting Babble’s 25 Unique Kids Birthday Party themes, then there’s no hope for you 🙂

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