It’s Very Rewarding

kids self esteemChildren are unpredictable.  You never know what inconsistency they’re going to catch you in next.  ~Franklin P. Jones

If your value system is one of no rewards for good behavior, or a job well done … I hope you’ll reconsider.

As I reassured my daughter (mother of boys, 5 & 7)  …. “They’re GOOD kids, they’re just doing bad things.”

Being rewarded for good work is a simple human condition that we all aspire to … whether you admit to it or not.

You have to be clear and consistent with kids and sometimes you’re just so frustrated that you’ve forgotten to take notice of all of the good behaviors, even the small ones.

Setting a goal, achieving it and being rewarded for it, in any form, is a learned behavior. Especially with kids. It’s your job, as the adult, to develop a consistent standard and not wander from it. Easier said than done.

As far as the Job Jar is concerned, involve the kids in selecting the rewards for their good work and behavior. YOU need to explain (not boss) clearly how and why rewards are given and why they are not. Let kids know how much confidence you have in them to achieve their goals, so that they can feel proud of themselves.

So much depends on who is holding their hand, while guiding the way. – Mara Lee

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